The Executive Team

The Kensington Regeneration executive team is headed up by Chief Executive Lynn Spencer who has responsibility for implementing the NDC programme in line with the Board’s decisions.


  1. Lynn Spencer
    Chief Executive

    Lynn manages the four staff teams and has overall responsibility for delivering the New Deal for Communities programme within the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit’s guidelines. She provides advice and support to the Board on strategic, policy and operational matters.

    Lynn is particularly tasked to drive forward the Partnership’s equality programme, the sustainability of regeneration in the area after the New Deal for Communities funding has finished, developing links with agencies and ensuring that local people remain at the heart of the programme.

    The four staff teams are managed by:

  2. George Allen
    Lifelong Learning, Employment & Enterprise Manager

    Helping local residents of all ages to improve their skills and levels of attainment.

    George and his team work closely with local residents, employers, Greater Merseyside Learning & Skills Council, Jobcentre Plus, community groups and the LCC Lifelong Learning Service. Key activities address; progressing residents into jobs, improving educational attainment (primary/secondary education) raising skills levels and supporting investment in the NDC area. All of this work is planned with the involvement of local residents via the Lifelong Learning Service and Employment & Enterprise Committee.

    Lifelong Learning, Employment & Enterprise Team

    1. Paula Murawski

      Paula Murawski
      Skills for Life Manager

    2. Jeff Hughes

      Jeff Hughes
      Employment Support Manager

    3. Bernie Doyle

      Bernie Doyle
      Extended Schools Co-ordinator

  3. Cathy Williams
    Physical & Environmental Regeneration Manager

    Developing new housing in the area and improving the local environment and neighbourhood management.

    Cathy works closely with local residents, key partners including; Liverpool City Council, Community Seven, developers and consultants to deliver sustainable improvements to the physical fabric of the NDC area. Key activities include; environmental improvements, improvements to public realm, neighbourhood management and housing. All of this work is planned with the involvement of local residents via planning groups and the Development, Housing, Environment & Neighbourhood Services Committee.

    Physical & Environmental Regeneration Team

    1. Cath Taylor

      Cath Taylor
      Project Manager

  4. Anne-Marie Turner
    Operations & Finance Manager

    Managing the Partnership’s finances, project appraisal systems and the way it communicates with key local stakeholders.

    Anne-Marie and her team ensure effective establishment and management of the Partnership's finance and project appraisal systems with key partners including the Accountable Body – Liverpool City Council, Government Office for the North West and the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit. She also works on the communications theme and the administration of the partnership and project monitoring across the whole programme. All of this work is planned with the involvement of residents and agency board members via the Operations & Communications committees.

    Operations & Finance Team

    1. Kris Waite

      Kris Waite
      Communications Officer

    2. Veronica Mannix

      Veronica Mannix
      Principal Finance Officer

    3. Melanie Wilson

      Melanie Wilson
      Finance Assistant

    4. Celia Houghton

      Celia Houghton
      Programme Systems Co-ordinator

    5. Marie Harnick

      Marie Harnick
      Office Supervisor

    6. Laura Pover

      Laura Pover
      Administration Officer

    7. Sue Fenton

      Sue Fenton
      Administration Officer

    Anne-Marie also manages the

    Kensington Community Learning Centre Team

    1. Alan Tapp

      Alan Tapp
      KCLC Development Manager

    2. Suzanne McGlynn
      Project Administrator

    3. Chrissy Edmunds

      Chrissy Edmunds

  5. Alan Kelly
    Community Regeneration Manager

    Supporting projects that tackle crime, improve health and create more community involvement in the area.

    Alan and his team work closely with local residents, community groups, residents groups and key partners; the Police, Primary Care Trust to deliver improvements to the quality of life in the NDC area. Key activities include; measures to eradicate and decrease crime, improvements to health, securing community involvement in the regeneration programme via the Neighbourhood outreach team and work with our black and racial minority communities. All of this work is planned with the involvement of local people by the Community & Quality of Life committee..

    Community & Quality of Life Team

    1. Martin Pinder

      Martin Pinder
      BME Development Officer

    2. Maria Curran

      Maria Curran
      Community Development Officer

    3. Thierry Bwaka

      Thierry Bwaka
      Development Officer

    4. Helen Li

      Helen Li
      Development Officer

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