The Board

The Kensington Regeneration Board is responsible for the overall direction of the Partnership and for overseeing its projects and finances. The Chair is Edge Hill resident Norma Williams. The Vice Chair is Richie Keenan of Parks Community Forum.

The make-up of the Board reflects the various stakeholder groups in the area and includes:

• Residents from each of the the area’s five neighbourhoods.
• Black and minority ethnic representatives.
• Representatives of agencies working in the area like Riverside    and the PCT.
• Liverpool City Council representatives.
• Representatives of the local business community.

Board Members

  1. Chair & Vice-Chair
  2. Resident Board Members
  3. BME Representatives
  4. Co-optees
  5. Agency Representatives
  6. Accountable Body Representatives
  7. Business Representatives

Chair & Vice-Chair

  1. Norma Williams
    Chair of Board,
    Edge Hill

  2. Richard Keenan
    Vice Chair of Board,
    Parks Community Forum

Resident Board Members

  1. James Baptista
    Edge Hill

  2. Valerie McGrath

  3. Pat Dermott

  4. John Caton
    Holly Road

  5. Pat Doyle
    Holly Road

  6. Kay Gray
    Holt Road

  7. Enid Bristow
    Holt Road

  8. Pat Barton
    Kensington Fields

  9. Anthony Graham
    Kensington Fields

BME Representatives

  1. Ola Laoye

  2. Madeline Heneghan


  1. Doreen Morris

  2. Norma Lee

Agency Representatives

  1. Cath Green
    Liverpool City Council

  2. Inspector Paul A Harrison
    Merseyside Police

  3. Ian Bailey
    Liverpool Central Primary Care Trust

  4. Anthony Baines
    Learning Skills Council

  5. Tom McGuire
    Community 7

  6. Graham Bell
    Parks Community Forum

Accountable Body Representatives

  1. Councillor Andrew Makinson
    Picton Ward

Business Representatives

  1. Graham Knott
    Business Leaders Group

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