The Neighbourhoods

Kensington is an area immediately east of Liverpool city centre which covers one and a half square kilometres. It is home to around 10,000 people living in 4,200 households.

Kensington consists of five neighbourhoods - Edge Hill, Fairfield, Holly Road, Holt Road and Kensington Fields. Parts of two of these neighbourhoods - Edge Hill and Kensington Fields - have been granted conservation area status.

Much of Kensington Regeneration’s work has been focused at neighbourhood level. For example, each neighbourhood has two elected community representatives on the Board and regular Neighbourhood Assemblies have been held to give residents the opportunity to discuss the regeneration programme with Board Members, staff and partner organisations.

  1. Edge Hill

    A neighbourhood with many important historical connections read more

  2. Fairfield

    The much improved, most easterly neighbourhood in Kensington read more

  3. Holly Road

    Where the exciting new Beech Street complex will take shape this year read more

  4. Holt Road

    Home to Kensington Community Sports Centre and the Life Bank read more

  5. Kensington Fields

    A neighbourhood recently granted conservation area status read more